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International Yoga Organisation-Yoga Means Connection​

International Yoga Organisation-Yoga Means Connection

International Yoga Organisation-Yoga Means Connection IYO-Yoga taps into your inner power, connecting your body with your mind. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of associating fitness with the body alone. We run, do aerobic dance, bicycle, and perform sit-ups and pushups—all for our bodies. What does your mind have to do with it? But the yogi will soon see the absurdity of this notion. Body and mind are one, and although they can become […]

How Comfortable Are You in Your Body?

How Comfortable Are You in Your Body

How Comfortable Are You in Your Body? You know the types who are comfortable in their bodies. You’ve seen them gliding through life looking ready for anything. They don’t slouch or slump or hunch over. They don’t have flawless bodies. (Nobody does.) But they don’t seem to mind! They look like they feel great in their own skin, no matter what shape or size they happen to be. Are you comfortable in your body? Are […]

Rockin’ Running – Yoga Blog

IYO Blog yoga post

Rockin’ Running “But I know yoga won’t give me the cardiovascular strength and endurance that running gives me!” you may be protesting. Consider this: Runners rely on strength and balance. Flexible runners get injured less often. Runners also tend to have shallow, hard breathing patterns; they sometimes hyperventilate.  IYT®Yoga’s deep breathing exercises increase your lung capacity, getting more oxygen to your brain and increasing your endurance. IYT®Yoga is kinder to your body than running, so […]

Strength from the Gut – Yoga vs Other Exercise

Strength from the Gut iyo yoga blog

Strength from the Gut Everybody knows that lifting a heavy weight takes strength. But balancing takes strength, too. So does holding a posture for an extended time. IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Yoga strength training is isometric (a form of exercise in which muscles are tensed in opposition to each other or to an immovable object). After assuming each IYT®yoga pose, you hold it for as long as you can hold it correctly. Talk about a way […]

My Yogi, Myself – yoga blog


My Yogi, Myself IYT®-International Yoga Teacher yoga plan and have begun to practice, guess what you are? Healthier? Sure. In better shape? Of course. But you’re something else, too—you’re a yogi! (A female yogi is actually called a yogini, pronounced YOH-gee-nee, but let’s be contemporary and say we’re all yogis.) Anyone who practices yoga is a yogi—that’s what yogi means. You needn’t be wise, you don’t have to wear a loincloth, and you certainly don’t […]