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Strength from the Gut iyo yoga blog

Strength from the Gut

Everybody knows that lifting a heavy weight takes strength. But balancing takes strength, too. So does holding a posture for an extended time. IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Yoga strength training is isometric (a form of exercise in which muscles are tensed in opposition to each other or to an immovable object). After assuming each IYT®yoga pose, you hold it for as long as you can hold it correctly. Talk about a way to wake up muscles you never knew you had! Yoga’s isometric action is easier on your muscles than the weightbearing and pounding of other sports, yet extremely effective for building strength. What’s more, each yoga position in a well-structured workout includes a posture and its opposite, so your body will stay physically centered, never developing any side or particular body part out of proportion to the others.

IYO® International Yoga Organisation,Yoga positions are entered and held by the body in order to find the peace within— the point where sustaining the pose is easy, natural, and feels “right.” The more difficult the pose, the harder it is to find peace. Yoga postures mirror life. When things are easy, it’s easy to feel good. But feeling good when things aren’t going your way— whether it’s a bad hair day or a serious tragedy—is a challenge. Yoga is a journey through the poses, working with each pose until you find that peace, then progressing to the next level. This progression combines the building of physical strength with the toning of the mind.

This might surprise the Western athlete even more: Strength is compounded when the body, mind, and spirit are exercised together. Strength will mean more to you, once you’ve practiced yoga, than it did before.

IYO® International Yoga Organisation-Yoga vs. Other Exercise

Strength from the Gut yoga blog

Most Western forms of exercise emphasize stress on the muscles combined with quick, harsh movements. Yoga avoids such movements, which tend to trigger lactic acid production in muscle fibers, leading to pain. In addition, yoga’s emphasis on breathing delivers more oxygen to muscles to further lessen the effects of lactic acid production. You needn’t give up your favorite sport, however.

Just add IYT®-International Yoga Teacher yoga to the program. But first, read on to see how yoga compares to your favorite fitness activity.

IYT®Yoga can enhance your performance in all your favorite sports.

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