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Mobile: +91 9964029333 / 9964290333 Email: / IYO Support- +91 9067238170
Mobile: +91 +91 9964029333 / 9964290333 Email: /, IYO Support- +91 9067238170

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    SAI YOGASTHALI SANSTHAN Swasthya Sadhna Kendra First Puliya Chopasani Road Jodhpur Raj. 342003

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  1. History of Sai Yogasthali Sansthan-

Sai Yogasthali Sansthan is one of the best Yoga School in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is a proprietary firm established by its proprietor Mrs. Yogini Indu and Mr. Bhagirath Mehra in 2015. It started in small room with 20-30 students in 2015 and now it has its own center with students of 150+ in 2017 but since 2015 it never looked back.  Brings Yoga to everybody in a way that is safe and comfortable to adopt for their fitness level, age group and communal groups. The main advantage of our yoga school is that the yoga instructor being owner pays special attention to all its clients. Yoga classes are conducted in groups of up to 20-30 in batches of 1 hour duration, we also provide special batch of therapeutic yoga, ashtanga, hatha and acupressure yoga. As a result of this, the students get variation in their daily practice and get benefits of therapies.

We believe that Yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of any circumstances. We also provide certification in Yoga, we have wide range of Yoga teacher training courses. We also contribute our Yoga training to the non-profit organizations.

  1. Founder & Co-Founder of Sai Yogasthali Sansthan-

Yogini Indu is the founder of Sai Yogasthali Sansthan, She did her diploma in yoga science, M.A. in Yoga, ERTY 1500hr yoga teacher training course. She is teaching yoga since 2012, through her continuous development she is representing Yoga as our fundamental development. Her vision is to spread Yoga among our youth to make the future of better. She is a certified and registered Yoga teacher from World Yoga Alliance. She is experienced in Traditional Indian Yoga (Hatha) and Ashtanga yoga.

Bhagirath Mehra is a multi dimensional personality who dreamt to pursue his goal with Naturopathy and Acupressure. He completed his diploma in yoga and naturopathy, MSc in Yoga, RTY 100hr yoga teacher training course. He is a co-founder of Sai Yogasthali Sansthan. It could have only been possible to grow Sai Yogasthali Sansthan as one of the best Yoga and Naturopathy center by his cooperation and Endeavour. His dedication is always a pioneer for students. He is a professional trainer of Cardio, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Acupressure & Yoga.

Sai Yogasthali Sansthan is immensely glad to be a part of IYO®️ family which acts as a platform to connect a growing community of Yogis. In a bid to nurture the practice and profession of Yoga, it also creates an equal platform for every Yoga school to grow. Having being a registered school with IYO®️, so far Sai Yogasthali Sansthan has undertaken TTC for 20 students annually. It further aims to increase the TTC number to around 50 to 60 by 2022.

Sai Yogasthali Sansthan will provide 50 TTC students for IYO®️ affiliation by 2021-2022

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