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My Yoga Story of Ritu Sharma

Name of Author: Ritu Sharma

Mobile Number: +91 9892012855


Details : Teaching yoga and naturopathy

From 2018 until now, Ritu Sharma has organised numerous health awareness camps and drives. “In Mumbai, I taught yoga to people of all ages. I organised awareness camps for children to teach them the principles of naturopathy and tell them the importance of exercising, eating healthy and avoiding junk, packed or preservative-laden food. I also worked a lot with women to make them understand the importance of knowing the source of our food as we unknowingly end up consuming a lot of toxic and pesticide-laden food,” says Sharma.

adds: “My main aim is to make people understand that the body has the power to heal on its own and it’s harmful to pop up pills the moment we get a fever or cold. It’s the body’s way of throwing the toxins out. I work a lot with women because they play an important role. about the goodness of yoga among all ages a
nd that it is a lot more than just weight loss and stress management. “So many yoga classes are mushrooming these days and it has now become fashionable to learn yoga. One need not pay through the nose to continue going to a yoga class. You just need to learn the asanas and then you can continue at home. I sometimes feel sad that we have to tell people to practice yoga. It is a part of our culture, and it should come naturally to us. Along with yoga, I continue to teach the principles of naturopathy, and work closely with the International Institute of Naturopathy. Yoga and naturopathy go hand-in-hand and one must incorporate both into our lives,” she says..

Started new Era with International Yoga Organisation in September 2022, I registered Yogtatvam (Center for Ashtanga yoga Prenatal postnatal yoga Garbhasanskar and Naturopathy) we connected well with many people also got support from IYO, they helped IYS and direct us to grow more . Its a excellent platform for growing in yoga and naturopathy. All govt update help and guidance we got it from iyo.

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