IYT® International Yoga Teacher

IYT® International Yoga Teacher:

IYO®-INTERNATIONAL YOGA ORGANISATION submits IYT®(International Yoga Teacher) teachers Accreditation Certification for yoga teachers based on the successful completion of the IYS® curriculum, the adoption IYO®’s shared ethical commitment, and a minimum number of years teaching yoga.


We also offer a Continuing Education Provider affiliation for our experienced IYT®s that provides them with visibility within our International directory of IYO® Continuing Yoga Accreditation, Certification & Registration Providers.

  • IYT® 50 hours/IYT® 100 hours
  • IYT® 200 hour (Basic Level)
  • IYT® 300 hours(Advance Level)
  • IYT® 500 hours(Master Level)
  • IYT® Aerial Yoga
  • IYT® Wheel Yoga
  • IYT® Face Yoga
  • IYT® Chair Yoga
  • IYT® Kids Yoga
  • IYT® Chakra Analysis and Balancing
  • IYT® Reiki Meditation
  • IYT® Meditation Course
  • IYT® Pre/Post-Natal Yoga
  • IYT® Meditation Course(50 hours),
  • IYT® MTTC-Meditation Teacher Training Course(50 hours)
  • IYT® Ayurveda Yoga Teacher
  • IYT® Kids Focus Yoga
  • IYT® Naturopathy International Registered Teacher 300 hours
  • IYT® Naturopathy International Registered Teacher 500 hours
  • IYT® Antenatal/Post Natal, Women Personal Health Yoga Teacher
  • IYT® International Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • IYT® International Power Yoga Teacher

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