This is an International Yoga School Affiliation Registration

We are glad to welcome you to WORLD YOGA ORGANISATION International Affiliation Committee Board

Recognition of affiliation in India,USA,China,Japan,Aus,NZ,Europe,Iran,Kuwait,UAE,Srilanka,Canada,Malaysia,Indonesia,Brazil,Argentina & Russia

We need the details from the Yoga School to process an international Yoga School affiliation,

1)            5 pictures of your Yoga Studio,

2)            1 picture of your studio certificate or rental copy.

3)            1 Studio Logo.

4)             Complete Address

5)             Email Id


We also require your school details, which will be later uploaded into your school page. What we require from your end is,

1) History of the school,

2) The details of school owners,

3) TTC students trained annually, and how many TTC students your school can provide to World Yoga Organisation®?? – that is for student affiliation.

 4) Facebook and Instagram links of your school


Please fill the essential documents as per the link. Maintain the ETIQUETTE AND LEGAL AGREEMENT as per the form.


Affiliation Fees: 15000/- INR

After the affiliation payment,

  • We will send you the soft copies of the certificates in 3-4 hours.

Later hard copies will be couriered in 3-4 days.

2) Your profile will be updated into  in 10 days.

3) Various emails of Logos and other credentials of World Yoga Organisation® International, will be forwarded to you.