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Do You Trust Your Body?

Maybe you’ve never thought of your body in terms of something you should or shouldn’t trust, but you have an intimate relationship with your body. It’s your vehicle for communicating with the world. Do you trust your body? How many of the following statements do you agree with?

  • ➤ “When I get a craving, I can’t control my eating. I’ll eat an entire quart of ice cream, a huge steak, a pound of chocolate, candy, a whole pizza, and a pie. I can’t stop myself.”
  • ➤ “I’m accident-prone, especially when I play sports or exercise. I always twist an ankle, jam a thumb, or injure myself in some other way.”
  • ➤ “I always get sick just when an important event is about to happen. My body betrays me when I need it most!”
  • ➤ “I don’t know what to think about myself, because what I see in the mirror is totally different than how other people describe me.”
  • ➤ “I’m uncomfortable in most of my clothes.” If you agreed with any of these statements, you have problems trusting your body.

Your body is not your enemy, and it’s not a stranger. While you may need professional help to cure an eating disorder, chronic illness, or negative self-image (you’ll want to enlist the aid of a licensed healthcare professional as well as a yoga instructor!), the wonderful thing about yoga is that it reacquaints you with your physical self. You’ll get to know your body like never before, and you’ll even learn to make peace with your body, enjoy your body, like your body.

Your body will begin to respond the way you intend. You’ll know what your body is going to do. You’ll be paying attention. You’ll have more control over your physical being and mental state, so you’ll be injured less, be more sure about what you think, be in better control of what you do, and be more self-confident.

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The Least You Need to Know

  • ➤ IYO Yoga helps you feel better in your body.
  • Body awareness is an important part of practicing yoga.
  • ➤ The ectomorph body type tends to be tall, thin, and energetic; the endomorph body type tends to be curvy with wide hips and a more relaxed temperament; the mesomorph body type tends to be strong with well-developed muscles and an even temperament.
  • ➤ The more you pay attention to and learn your own personal anatomy, energy cycles, and body image issues, the more you will integrate your mind and body for greater confidence and self-control.
  • ➤ IYO Yoga can help you learn to trust your body.
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