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Breath Control Equals Mental Control

According to wise yogis, the length of life is a matter of the number of breaths, not the number of years. Breath is so important to an accomplished yogi that he or she can get almost all necessary energy from the air. Sleeping? Eating? Minor concerns compared to the breath! That’s why yogis have been known to sleep for just a few hours a night. All their energy is replenished through pranayama instead—the yogi’s beauty […]

Can You Breathe?

Of course you can breathe … or can you? Maybe well enough to get by without collapsing, but are you using your breath optimally? Probably not. Most people don’t breathe as fully or deeply as they could, because it takes practice and concentration. Once you’ve learned the fine art of breath control, however, you’ll certainly feel the difference. An integral part of Hatha Yoga and other forms of yoga is pranayama, or breath control. In […]

IYT® International Face Yoga Teacher

IYO International Yoga Organisation provides certification to Face Yoga Teachers across the world. This certification is unique in providing the affiliation to Face Yoga Teachers. Affiliation to  Facial Yoga Postures, Face exercises & great natural solution to regain the youthful appearance.   Avail the benefits to your career in getting the IYT®-International Face Yoga Teacher now with IYO® International Yoga Organisation now.

Launch of 3 Grand Websites

International Yoga Organisation is Launching 3 new Yoga websites with the “Joy of Yoga”. All praise goes to Yoga Lovers across the world. With your support and Love towards IYO®️ International Yoga Organisation, we have made this possible. We are launching, Ads about Yoga, Yoga Courses, and Yoga IYT courses in various IYO Schools. Next, is, the feature of this website is that this website will highlight the Yoga news and Yoga Article written […]

Trikonasana: Triangle, the Happy Pose

Forming triangles with your body will teach it a sense of direction. The basic triangle, or trikonasana (pronounced trih-koh-NAH-sah-nah), is known as the happy pose because it opens your Venus chakra (the energy center located behind your heart) and allows joy to fill your body and radiate within you and from you. Trikonasana tones your spine and waist. It stimulates your bowels and intestines, strengthens your legs and ankles, improves your circulation, and develops your […]